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IV B.Tech II Sem ECommers I Mid Online bits - 2

1 3rd party processing the customers acc number and funds are verified by OTTP Payment Server
2 A Digital Central Bank guarantee on stmt removes the insolvency test frm the sys bbacnozk s will more readily assume credit risks frm other banks
3 A VAN is a communication n/w tht typically exchanges RDI msgs across trading partners
4 aocnt u al manufac of item to satisfy the need generally planned Purchases
5 Bank 2 bank transfer is considered as banking & Financial payment
6 Block Financial provides electronic banking services for the VISA members banks
7 Business can exchange data by hooking into a VAN
8 Caller paid 900 Service known as Audio Text
9 Cash are used to process high volumes of relatively small dollar payments for settlement in one or two business days
10 Category of credit card payment on the online n/w in which the company collects & approves payment frm one client to another is payments using 3rd party verification
11 Cedit Risk is a major concern in net stmt sys because a bank's failure to settle its net position could lead to a chain reaching of bank failures
12 Cold calls means:-Sending personalized e-mails to customers
13 Common business services building block is used for facilitating the buying and selling
14 Company tht exchanges EDI data with a trading partner tht subscribes to a different van will pay VAN - VAN Interconnect Cost
15 Computer n/w based providers are often dial up linkages of lower bandwidth when compares to tele com and cable highway
16 Consumers who buy products quickly Impulsive Buyers
17 Consumers who do sub stained research before making decision Analytical Buyers
18 Content produced by the computer s/w is s/w program Content produced by the print Publishing is books
19 Content produced by the Entertainment produces is Cartoons
20 Convergence is being driven by the following market condition Aggressive regulatory actions
21 Convergence is driven by Entrepreneur (or) Increasing low cost Components
22 Convergence of Info Access Device hav the Sophistication to functions as both Computers and television
23 Convergence of Transmission compresses & stores digitized info
24 Convergence requires removing the barriers b/w the telecommunication, broadcasting, computing to facilitate interoperability.
25 Cost where V N's charge sessions fees based on use of their Services is Usage or Variable Costs
26 Credit authorization is processed at Point of Sale terminals using dial up telephone access in to TPP n/w
27 Cross Media Convergence refers to the integration of various industries entertainment, publication and communication media based on multimedia content
28 Danmont makes money by earning intrest on the money it holds on the cards called Float
29 DigiCash considered as Online E-Comm Payment
30 Digital Central bank must develop policies to deal with credit risk possibilities Digital signatures must meet the Legal Standards of hand written Signatures
31 E-comm. vehicle created by integrating video and audio is Movies
32 EDI benefits for international trade include Reduced transaction expenditures Improved Service through track and trace purchases Faster customs Clearance Quickness mvmt of imported and exported goods
33 EDI developed in 1960's
34 EDI is electronic transfer frm computer to computer of commercial and admis data using on agreed standard to structure and EDI msg
35 EDI is the transmission in a standard syntax of unambiguous info of business or ssitrgantiefgicica n ce b/w computers of independent Organizations
36 EFT utilizes computer & te lecommunication components both to supply & transfer Money or financial assets
37 Electronic cash is buyed on cryptographic sys called Digital Signatures
38 Electronic Fund Transfer are credit transfer b/w banks where funds floe directly frm tphaey e rs bank to payee's ban
39 Electronic Purses which replaces the Money Electronic Money
40 Electronic token are designed as electronic analogs of various forms payments backed by a bank
41 E-payment sys keep automatic records which hav the permanent storage feature
42 Fee for each log on to the VAN n/w is Session Fee
43 First Virtual Holdings is the first USA merchant services in dollars for card Spreorcveicsesisn g
44 Fist Virtual Holdings is the first USA merchant services in Dallas for card Processing Services.
45 For Business payments v use ACH Credit Transfers
46 Freight forwarders acts as middlemen for supplier and Consumer
47 Goal of new EDI is to produce standardization at the document processing leveling tchoen t ext of a business work flow rather than the document interchange level
48 In business pocess model Post purchase interaction phase includes Customer Service
49 In business Process Model the prepurchase Preparation phase includes Search & Discovery for a set of product
50 In Edi msgs Transaction Set is equivalent to business Document
51 in home bank services , the intermediate services include Household Budgeting
52 In Home banking serv the basic serv are related to Personal Finance
53 In Home banking serv the intermediate Services include House Hold Budgeting
54 IN legal status of EDI msg contract law the mode in which the mail box rule provides tahctc e patsa n ce communicated via UPS mail is effectively communicated when dispatched Delayed USPS
55 IN legal status of EDI msg contract law the mode in which the offers or acceptances transmit via telegram and probably electronic messaging systems communicated and operable upon receipt is Delayed non USPS
56 IN legal status of EDI msg contract law the mode in which the parties are face to face or use a instantaneous communication medium such as telephone etc Instantaneous Communication
57 In MIME specifications the header field Content Transfer encoding specifies the encoding used to get the msg where and when users need it. 18)Multimedia servers is a h/w and s/w combination tht converts raw data into usable info and then out this info
58 In MIME specifications the header field Content type Header specifies the data types with in a msg
59 In MIME specifications the header field MIME ver. Header labels a msg as MIME format
60 In new EDI the structure of the interchanges is determined by the Programmer who writes Business app. prg
61 In OMC after order billing & acc mgmt activity v hav post sales services
62 In OMC after order fulfillment Order Billing and Account management
63 In OMC after Order planning and order generation activity v hav Cost Estimation and Pricing\
64 In OMC after Order receipt and entry activity, v hav Order Selection and Prioritization
65 In OMC after order scheduling v hav Order Fulfillment & delivery
66 In OMC after order Selection and prioritization activity v have Order Scheduling
67 Info brokerages are needed for Comparison Shopping
68 Info High way building block is used for providing the high way system along which all e - commerce must travel
69 Interactive EDI is aimed at starting and completing the Business process using an cohpaennn el of communication b/w the customer & supplier for the period of the Business transactions.
70 Just in Time is viewed as an integrated mgmt sys consisting of a no of diff mgmt Practices dependent on the characteristics of Specific plants
71 Knight Ridder newspaper Chain delivers bews, banking shopping and other Interactive Services via computers
72 Mail box rule is used in Delayed type of communication
73 Major benefit of JIT and EDI is streamlined Cash Flow
74 Medium for solving the consumer loneliness is Online Computer Services
75 Mercantile Process design interaction models b/w consumer & merchants for Online Commerce
76 Messaging and Info Distribution is determined in part by market characteristics and cbeyr t ain aspect of firms present buying situation
77 Messaging system combine features of both instantaneous and delayed communications
78 MIME dictates how multimedia msg attachment
79 Multimedia can be considered as both fuel and traffic for ecommerce app
80 Multimedia content & n/w Publishing building block is used for creating a product and a means to communicate about it
81 Multimedia Convergence applies to the conversion of the voice, data, image etc into digital content
82 Multimedia servers is a h/w and s/w combination tht converts raw data into usable info and
83 Net Cheque will include s/w for which & depositing checks independent of other Application Bank cheque is instruments for debt transfers where the payer collects funds frm payers
84 Old EDI refers to the current practice of automating the exchange of info pertinent to the business activity
85 Open EDI provides a frame wok where 2 potential trading partner can whip out an sEtrDuIc t ure for their potential partnership in the short time frame tht it takes them to draw up & negotiate the legal contents
86 Opening a Acc with VAN incurs Acc start UP costs
87 Order 2 delivery cycle frm the merchant perspective has been managed with an eye toward standardization and cost
88 Organizational Search process is determined in part by market characteristics and by certain aspects of a firm present buying medium
89 OTTP will not debit the buyers acc until it receives Confirmation of Purchase Completion
90 Pillar which supports all ecomm applications to dictate the nature of info publishing, new interfaces & transport in the internet of compatibility across the entire n/w Technical standards
91 Pillar which supports all ecomm applications to govern such as universal access privacy and info pricing Public Policy
92 Pivotal medium for solving consumer loneliness's is interactive TV
93 preventing the mistakes in electronic payment system require improvement in the Legal
94 Privacy must be maintained against eaves dropper on the n/w & against unauthorized insiders
95 Private label credit card is considered as u retailing payments
96 Prodigy offers PC based home banking via online service
97 Screen phones are a form o Smart Card reader
98 Semantic Layer describes the business application tht is driving EDI.
99 Slippage a Commercial term for theft fraud ar misplacement
100 Social interactions were also promoted by the introduction of 800 toll free num
101 Soflads electronic brouchers are a multimedia replacement for mail paper and diskette brouchers used in
102 TDI encompasses transaction such as purchase orders involves and acknowledged
103 Terms - mirror Company teletext services called Gateway
104 The content produced by broadcast television is Game shows
105 The cost where VANs charge session fees based on use of their service is Usage or variable Costs
106 The criteria essential for consumer oriented e -com in which consumer can make requests for products and services not currently offered and hav a reasonable expectations tht some one will turn up with a proposed offering meet tht request new products and Services
107 The criteria essential for consumer oriented e -com, in which buyers and sellers need to be able to haggle over conditions Negotiation & Bargaining
108 The criteria essential for consumer oriented e-com in which not only the users buy or sperlold ucts or services Opportunity for Independent evaluations & for customer dialogue and discussion
109 The criteria essential for consumer oriented e-com to get a critical mass of Critical, mass of Buyer & Seller
110 The criteria essential for consumer oriented e-com to hav a viable market place which has organized a mechanism for resolving disputes among buyers and sellers is resource for disgruntled buyers
111 The criteria essential for consumer oriented e-com to hav all the pieces of work together so tht info can flow seamlessly Seamless Interface
112 The mondex electronic currency card is considered as online electronic comm. payments
113 The net cheque is considered as Online E-Comm payments
114 The packing Layer corresponding closely with the non electronic activity of sending a business from one company A to B
115 The property of e-cash that it should not be easy to copy and transfer being security exchanged
116 The property of E-Cash tht if must be storable and retrievable Reterievability
117 The Property of E-Cash tht is exchangeable as payment for other e-cash, paper cash, Goods or services, lines of credit, deposits in bank acc, banknotes or obligations, electronic benefits transfer, and me like Interoperability
118 The QUBE Cable N/W offered polling services games viewer conferences and limited access to data banks
119 The supply chain mgmt includes the Channel mgmt function to quickly discriminate info about changing operational conditions to trading partners
120 The supply chain mgmt includes the distribution mgmt function to make doc related tsoh ip ping
121 The supply chain mgmt includes the Distribution Mgmt function to move doc related to shipping
122 The supply chain mgmt includes the function to improve the Communication flow of information among the Sales Force productivity
123 The supply chain mgmt includes the Inventory Mgmt function to shorter the order - ship -bill cycle
124 The supply chain mgmt includes the Payment mgmt function to link the company and the suppliers & distributions
125 The supply chain mgmt includes the Supplier mgmt function to enable global companies to manage their money in various foreign exchanges
126 The type of electronic token where the users pay in advance for the privilege of getting info Debit or prepaid
127 The type of purchases when the shopper was reminder of the need by some store influence reminder process item Specifically Planned Purchases
128 The type of purchases where the need was not recognized on entering the store Entirely Unplanned Purchase
129 The type of purchases where the need was recognized but the shopper decided in store on the actual manufacture of the item to satisfy the need Generally Planned Purchase
130 The type of purchases where the need was recognized on entering the store and the shopper bought the exact
131 The VAN service provider Combines the Domestic Packet Switching Services is British Telecom
132 The VAN service provider with extensive X.400 electronic mail interconnections is AT &T
133 To implement appropriate evidentiary/ admissibility safeguards during the design of a EDI app services Layer is required
134 Trading Partners are a customer's & suppliers with whom business is conducted
135 Traditional EDI replaces the paper form with almost strict one to one mapping part of paper form to field's electronic frame.
136 Translation s/w sends msgs b/w trading partners inte grates data in to and frm existing computer app and translates among EDI msg standards.
137 Type of electronic token where the server authenticates the customers & verifies with the bank tht finds are adequate before purchase Credit or Postpaid
138 Type of purchasing where the need was recognized but the shopper decided in store
139 Typical OMC includes 8 diff activities
140 Using transport s/w vehicles move frm one distribution to another
141 V N's electronic mail box is a s/w feature in to which a user deposits EDI transactions t&h e n retrieves those msgs whe n convenient
142 VAN is a 3rd party service provides tht manages data communications n/w for business tht exchanges E-data with other business
143 Video Servers are an imp link b/w Content providers and transport providers
144 Viewtorn, which was the first attempt at delivering news, banking, shopping & other iterative services via computer
145 When a electronic document is challenged, courts will issue based on the Digital Signature
146 Who purchase after making the comparisons Patient Buyers
147 Wireless based operators are typically radio based -cellular satellite and light based infrared.
148 Wrapping of X.400 header around an EDI header and data is Double Bagging

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